Corporate Kits

All Corporate Kits available from Paranet include:

• Customized stock or membership certificates imprinted with entity name, authorized issue of the corporation and/or any other pertinent information.
• Stock transfer/membership ledger.
• Choice of the following:
     a) Plain paper for your customizing of your bylaws, operating agreements and meeting forms - 50 sheets of watermarked bond paper.
     b) Printed bylaws/operating agreements. Most bylaws/operating agreements are specific to your state requirements.
     c) Bylaws/operating agreements/meeting forms on a single entity CD (.pdf). 50 sheets of blank watermarked bond paper are included.
• Embossing seal, self-adhesive gold seals, or electronic seals.
• Special Forms including Federal Forms, IRS requirements for sub chapter S election, Medical and Dental reimbursement plan, Section 1244 information and suggested meeting forms.
• Binder customized with name of Organization.
• Matching slipcase.

Fast Service.

If we receive you order by 3:00 p.m. (EST), you will receive your kit between 24-48 hours (business days).


We provide you with a confirmation of your order. If there are any errors on our part they will be corrected right away.

One Call.

When you call us to qualify your company in any state, you can place your order for a corporate kit, stock certificates, corporate seal or anything else you may need. All is done with one call.

What we provide.

We offer a blank kit where you provide the corporate minutes or LLC operating agreements.

We provide fill-in-the-blank preprinted corporate minutes or, at this time, a fill-in-the-blank preprinted operating agreement.

There are many kits available. Please call us to learn more or place an order at 800.277.9977.